Fring Manifesto
Fring Manifesto

Fring Manifesto

We are a community for freelance rebels. We strive to make finding next work more easy and fair for all freelancers in digital and media.
Our manifesto for a fair and transparant freelance job market ;-)
We are uncovering better ways of getting next freelance work by sharing it and helping others share it. Through this network we have come to value: Individuals and relations over procurement departments and documents Warm network over social media Client negotiation over broker negotiation Getting our assess RSS’ed over updating multiple platforms That is, while there is some value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left much more.
About us
We believe the current (freelance) job market is broken. It’s crowded with brokers who don’t add value. And some hiring companies treat freelancers as pencils (when procurement is in charge of hiring).
All of this can change because the best and most proven way for freelancers to get next work is through their warm network. The main driver of this community is to share knowledge, experiences and jobs. We are all about paying it forward. We will help all freelancers in the digital industry to grow their network and easily find next work.
A group of Dutch freelancers started it because they were fed up with some of the things in the freelance landscape.
Should you join? (if you’re reading this far, I’d say yes :-)
We welcome all levels of freelancers in digital. Wether you are just starting out, have been freelancing for a few years, or many years. Among the founding members are strategists, designers and developers, data specialists, marketeers and product managers. All of us are one way or the other involved in making the internet a happy place by creating cool products and productions. And we want you to join us!
Topics include but are not limited to:
Starting out as a freelancer
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Freelancing But Were Afraid to Ask
Insurances, banks, services
Working in collectives
How to get best fitting work
How to grow your network (joining us will help ;-)
Brokers. How to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly
The future of freelance work (we have some ideas and want to hear yours)
We communicate in English
This is a group with many Dutch residents who are not fluent yet in Dutch as other members. So we keep the group in English to include everyone in the conversation.
Request access to our community
If you also believe that a fair and transparant freelance job market is worth creating, we welcome you to join the Fring community!
All freelance rebels who download the free Fring app will receive an invite via mail.
If you would like to join the Fring community as a company go to
When you have any questions upfront, please contact us.